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I am a Welsh (Cymru) born and French educated Freya Aloisia Boff and my artistic name is FREYALOI. A aspiring Comic book Artist and Concept Games Design Artist. Now After University I am looking to find a challenging employment position for my future concept art talents to be used creatively. As I also would like to be a designer for a video game company or even for films to be able to do concept art animations and 3D. Also interested in Apprentice positions!

My style is rather unusual and unique with my coloring style never the same form and it has great emphasis on Dragons and Eastern Mythology, also I have interest in Kai, Renno, Zerra, Zerrage and am applying modern young inspiration to my designs and my cartoon stories with animations and further expanding my techniques as new skills are shown to me. I wish this to be seen through my various pictures as I try different styles and approaches to my art work.

If you want me to do concept work or work on a larger project then please contact me and we can discuss the matter.
My designs can be seen by clicking on the links on the Left or My Gallery.

My take on the welsh dragon. :3 probably my favourite drawing to date.
Sheep Hunter

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